Talcum Powder Cancer Concerns & Lawsuits Formed

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“CANCER” is a word that is enough to shake you through in.

But who have ever given a thought that one can become patient of this disease due to talcum powder.

YES…Due to regular use and exposure to Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, lots of females all around the world have developed ovarian cancer.

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Pay attention to this: For years medical professionals were aware of this hard core fact that talcum powder, or baby powder, may increase one’s risk of developing ovarian cancer.

In last few years, more than 1,000 women across the United States have filed suit against Johnson & Johnson—the world’s largest manufacturer of health care products, alleging the pharmaceutical giant botched to warn the public about the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

Over the years, talcum powder cancer lawsuit have been made and got filed in contradiction of Johnson & Johnson, with accusers winning large amounts in some suits. Juries have extensively agreed with plaintiffs that Johnson & Johnson did not passably warn consumers about the risks of using talc-based powder, even though one judge did dismiss two lawsuits after finding that the plaintiffs did not adequately prove their case.

At last, in February of 2016, a talcum powder lawsuit ended in a $72 million jury award, followed only months later by a $55 million jury award in May.

BUT….How Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

Baby powder is made from talc that is a mineral comprises of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. Talc is structurally similar to asbestos that is a known carcinogen. In fact, until the early 1970s, certain talcum products were dirtied with asbestos.

Note: When talc is ground to make baby powder, the mineral engrosses dampness and reduces friction. These properties make talc an extensively used ingredient in personal hygiene products and cosmetic products, including various other consumer goods.


The problem is this: If talcum powder is used on the genitals, talc particles can easily drift from the vagina and then into the ovaries, where they remain trapped. These trapped talc particles cause irritation leading to the growth of cancer cells. You can gather more refined information from various medical sources, for now….Hop on to thie web link.

Baby Powder Cancer

Regardless of the numerous studies and surveys that directly point towards connection between baby powder and ovarian cancer, neither Johnson & Johnson nor the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ever warned consumers in the United States about the health risks.