Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement

When you have had a knee replacement, you have not only experienced important surgery, you’ve completely redone a valuable part of your physical body, replacing what is natural with metal and plastic.

You should expect this to require many weeks of recovery and up to a year before your new knee feels totally comfortable. Physical therapy will start at the hospital on the very day you have surgery and continue for a couple of coming months.

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By the time you’re discharged from the hospital, depending on how well you’re working post-surgically, you should have the ability to walk with the help of a walker or crutches, so long as the surface is even.

If there is no major fault like a failure of knee implant you may be ready to walk and even run in a couple of months with the right physical therapy treatment. Though, if you have been a victim of faulty knee replacement, you may call knee lawyers to get the right compensation you deserve.

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Your physical therapist will teach you to climb up and walk down the stairs without affecting the leg you had surgery on. Remember during the time that you’re experiencing physical therapy for knee replacement, it’s important that while you do the exercises to boost your knee daily.

It is important to remember that during recovery you do not use a pillow under your knee when lying down or sitting to prevent the knee from remaining in that bent posture. Swelling will be common and may be treated by elevating your knee and ankle over your heart and using ice packs.

The best physical therapy for knee replacement patients is walking. When appropriate, swimming and biking are also encouraged, usually 4-6 weeks after the operation, making sure to take care of how you enter and exit a pool or use the bicycle.