Hair loss due to Chemotherapy

Breast cancer is caused due to the uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast tissue. It caused in the inner layer of the milk duct. Generally, an elder woman suffers from this disease but there are many cases where young women also get affected.

The most common symptom of this disease is the development of lumps in the breast. Discharge through nipples, change in the shape & size of the breast are also some signs of cancer.

These symptoms can be noticed during the first stage of this disease. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor for a further examination in order to get confirmation that the lump is malignant or benign.

There are various types of treatment that a breast cancer patient can undergo. These treatments include radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, Surgery, and chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a treatment of breast cancer in which doctor recommend drugs or the combination of drugs to stop or destroy the growth of cancer cells.

The dose of the drug depends on the stage of cancer.  But with the increase in dosage of drugs such as Taxotere drug, some patients suffer permanent hair loss which is also known as Taxotere Hair Loss.

This method of treatment is generally used in those cases where surgery is not possible. These drugs are recommended to reduce the overall size of the tumor to remove it effectively from the breast.

Chemotherapy is considered as one of the best and effective treatments for breast cancer as it removes the tumor and controls the further growth. It also reduces the pain caused due to the breast cancer disease.

Hair loss, which is the major side effects caused by the drugs especially Taxotere drugs used during this treatment, many patients filed a lawsuit known as Taxotere hair loss lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Taxotere to receive compensation for their mental and health loss.