Facts About Knee Replacement Lawsuits

If a person’s knee gets seriously damaged due to some injury or disease of the knee joints, then carrying out daily activities may seem like a big task.

You may experience severe pain and other symptoms in such cases. In such a case when an alternate non-surgical technique fails to resolve the issues effectively, then the doctor may suggest you go through a surgery for a successful and long-lasting solution. If you are a victim of knee replacement damage then you can file a DePuy attune lawsuit against the manufacturer.

A whole knee replacement surgery (knee arthroplasty) is, in reality, a ‘resurfacing’ process rather than a total ‘replacement’ process.

For severe circumstances where painful symptoms do not respond to conservative, non-operative treatments such as weight loss, activity alterations, anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections, replacement of the knee may be the only solution.

While performing the replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the severely affected and destroyed part(s) of the arthritis knee with an artificial metal or plastic devices called ‘prostheses’.

But, not all surgical techniques have the preferred result even though knee prosthesis is fabricated to last for years. At times, due to several reasons, the replacement fails.

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Signs and Symptoms

In most of the circumstances, you will feel knee pain, which is the most common caution sign that something is wrong. You may also notice swelling of the knee, reduced the range of motion, knee stiffness and sometimes even inability to walk.

Why do knee replacements fail?

They can fail for several reasons.

Because of the infection at the operation theater or stiffness of the knee, it results in an inability to move the knee resulting in knee replacement failure. The soft tissues surrounded can also be weak and hence fail to provide necessary support for the new knee, making the prosthesis fail.

If you or your loved one has experienced issues related to knee replacement then you can contact the best attorney for more legal options. You can file a claim against the manufacturer to recover compensation for your losses.